How to Make Custom Dog Clothing

Custom Dog Apparel

Fashion, at its core, is imagination brought to reality. This is true not only for human fashion but also for custom dog fashion. Dog clothing typically comes in several forms, fun colors, and designs. The clothes can also be used for several purposes, including keeping your beloved pet warm or making bold fashion statements. The David Bowie dog T-shirt is an excellent example. The cute David Bowie face print and great quality makes it a great choice for fans and music lovers.

Another great way to make your dog stand out in a crowd is to invest in customized or handmade pet apparel. You can make these clothing items from scratch in whatever pattern you like. You could also purchase already made dog clothes and customize them with a unique sign, photo, or even your pet's name.

Suppose you're in a celebratory mood or you're expecting a baby. In that case, you can also get an Only Child, Big Sister dog shirt, or the Big Bro dog shirt, especially if you're planning a pre-baby photoshoot. The outfit is likely to make your pet feel special and loved.

The options to explore with customized dog clothing are limitless. If you enjoy DIY activities, you could even make a profit from creating custom dog clothing. Depending on your marketing strategy, location, creativity, and customer service, you could become a top supplier of unique pet apparel for dog owners in your locale.

How to Make a Dog Shirt

The pet industry has grown tremendously, leading to the high demand for dog clothes. There is also a growing awareness of appropriate pet care and the need to keep dogs warm during the cold season.

There are cute dog shirts like our Biggie Smalls dog T-shirt for this purpose. However, you might want your dog to wear something unique for a specific occasion. In that case, you could make your cute dog clothing without breaking the bank.

Apart from a patient dog, you will need some of the following materials for the process:

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • T-shirt/ fabric

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Buttons/zippers

You can have lots of fun designing your dog's clothing, but first, you need to know the actual size of your dog. You can use a measuring tape to get the exact size.

There's a wide variety of dog shirts you can make for your pets, and we've highlighted some examples to inspire you as follows:

No-Sew Dog Sweaters

Like you, your dog can catch a cold depending on the weather. You can help keep them warm with a simple no-sew, chic dog sweater. You'll need an extra-large sweatshirt from your closet or local thrift store for this clothing item.

You'll also need to follow these simple steps:

  • Cut the sleeves off the sweater from the shoulder using your scissors

  • On the narrower side of the sleeve, cut the top side unless your dog has a tiny head

  • Measure the length of your dog to know how much fabric you need to cut off

  • On the bottom of your sleeve, cut a small semi-circle and cut out holes for the dog's front legs

  • Repeat the above steps with the second sweatshirt sleeve, and your dog has two sweaters to wear.

With this sweater, you can give your puppy a chic designer look on a budget. You could also match your sweater with your dog and be one happy family with matching sets. It would be so cute.

Onesie T-shirt

Suppose you have a baby onesie that your human baby has outgrown. In that case, you could pass it on to your fur baby with some modifications. Alternatively, you could purchase a basic onesie from the store to make this DIY t-shirt.

Once you have your onesie ready, follow these simple steps to make your onesie dog shirt:

  • Fit the onesie on your dog to see how much fabric you need to remove at the bottom and side

  • Mark the areas you will cut off using a pencil

  • Using the pencil line cut off the bottom part of the onesie

  • Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew a hem at the bottom of the onesie

Just like that, your dog's onesie t-shirt is ready to wear.

Official Shirt

Your male dogs and puppies can also pull the classy formal look once in a while. This look is perfect for weddings, parties, or photo and video shoots. So, if you have such an event coming up, you might want to dress your dog in a custom-made official shirt.

The choice of fabric is important for this type of shirt. So, it would help if you tried to use good-quality fabric in solid colors. You also need a complete set of dog shirt patterns to make up the back, front, collar, sleeves, and placket. You might be able to purchase such patterns from your local pet store. You could also search the pet department of your favorite e-commerce store or retailer for options.

Once you have your fabric and patterns, you can follow these easy steps to achieve the official shirt look:

  • For the back, fold the fabric in half and cut using the pattern

  • Cut two identical pieces for the collar and the front side using their respective patterns as well

  • Cut two similar long pieces for the buttons

  • Cut two pieces for the left and right sleeves

  • Sew all the pieces together using a sewing machine or a needle and thread to create a shirt.

Canine Carhartt Coat

Coats are essential to keep your furry friend warm during winter when the temperatures have dropped significantly. So, if you have an old Carhartt coat or any other kind of old jacket, don't throw them out just yet. They could fit a big dog and keep them warm with a few adjustments.

All you need to do is measure the size of your dog against the jacket and mark off the excess material to be cut out. Leave enough space to give the dog room to jump, run and play around. Cut out the excess material and stitch the edges with a sewing machine.

Do You Need Custom Dog Jerseys?

Custom dog jerseys are made for dogs that regularly accompany their owners to sporting events, parties, the dog park, or similar occasions with a lot of physical activity. They are an excellent way to dress your dog for the outdoors while ensuring they look stylish too.

So, if you're a sports fan and you've got tickets to the next live game, you can customize a unique jersey for your dog to match yours. It's an excellent way to stand out with your pet, especially if you have many sports outings lined up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Fabric Should Be Used for Dog Clothes?

The fabric to use for your dog clothes depends on several factors, including the weather and the reason for making the clothing item. Nevertheless, the fabric you choose should not affect the dog's movement. It should not be too heavy either.

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