I’m Ben. I like to think of myself as a “graphic-designer-gone-rogue meets entrepreneur”. When I started Baffle in 2015, I had a head full of ideas for onesie designs and a tiny one bedroom apartment. I was finishing up my last semester of classes for my degree in Visual Communication, and by the end of the semester my onesie sales were paying all my bills. Since then, I’ve moved my business into a designated production studio and added hundreds of designs. I recently expanded my products to include tees and yoga tanks. Design and entrepreneurship are my passions, and quality is my priority.
At Baffle, we love humor and sarcasm, but our customer service is no joke. I want my customers to have an excellent experience with Baffle. I want them to have a great shopping experience, love the product, and enjoy top notch customer service. I respond to questions fast, and I never question a return or canceled order. Plus, I personally design, press, and ship all our products, so I can guarantee that our quality is consistently excellent.