The Pros and Cons of Dressing up Your Dog

To Costume or Not to Costume

Dressing your dog is more than taking pictures of cute canines in funny costumes and posting them on social media. Of course, the internet loves dogs in costumes, but there's more to it. It might not appeal to everyone to dress up their dogs, but there are other reasons to do so!

The advantages can be fun, but it also has drawbacks. From discomfort to health concerns, there are always multiple factors to consider when deciding if you should put a costume on your dog. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of dressing up your dog so you can decide if it's right for you and your pup.

As Halloween approaches, professionals from Baffle Gear outline the pros and cons of dressing up your dog.

Is Dressing Up Your Dog Safe?

It is a controversial topic that divides the pet owner community. Pro-costume owners say it's a fun and safe way to spend time with your pup, while anti-costume dog owners believe it can be dangerous. 

From bow ties to bandanas to fuller clothing items, like the I'm Going To Be A Big Sister / Dog Shirt, many dogs love wearing clothes! But deciding whether to dress your dog up or not can be challenging, but here are some pros and cons to help you decide. 

Seeing how their pet reacts to certain adorable costumes can give pet owners an indication of whether their furry friend enjoys being dressed up. 

If they seem stressed out by it or start growling at their reflection in the mirror, then maybe they don't enjoy it as much as you thought. But, on the flip side, if they seem to like being dressed up and wagging their tail when they see themselves in the mirror, this could be worth pursuing further! 

One benefit of going through the costume process together is it gives your canine companion plenty of bonding time with you.

Advantages of Dressing up Your Dog

Protection from the Environment 

Dog clothes provide extra warmth during cold weather and protection from harmful UV rays on sunny days.

Adding an extra layer of clothing is essential during the cold months if your dogs have no hair or only have short hair. A pet that does not have enough heat can easily suffer from hypothermia, a serious illness.

To stay warm, many pet parents turn on their car heaters and use layers of clothes with hoodies, sweaters, coats, blankets, and more. And while these items might not be enough to keep your dog warm, they can ensure they're at least comfortable.

Additionally, booties are recommended because they prevent your dog's paws from getting icy on cold days. Having a pet costume can also keep them protected from scratches and cuts.

Dogs hunting in the woods are provided with a snug-fitting vest to keep them protected from sharp objects and insects.

Clothes Keep Pets Clean

Putting clothes on your pet prevents dirt from touching its fur, and the clothes act as their first line of defense. Since dirt and moisture will stick to an outfit rather than your dog or cat's fur when you put outfits on them, you won't need to groom them as often.

Disadvantages of Dressing up Your Dog

Dogs are very different than children, but there are many parallels in being a pet parent. Like humans, pets can sometimes act out when they're not getting what they want. So while dressing up your dog can be cute at times, it's important that you also consider the cons so you don't frustrate your pup. 

Clothing Restrict Movement

It is also likely that a pet may spend most of their time trying to find a way to escape an outfit that is not properly sized for them.

Excess Layers of Clothing May Cause Overheating  

Puppies and kittens, which naturally have thicker hair and fur, are already naturally prepared for cold months. In the summer, bundling them will cause them to get hotter than normal and may lead to overheating and hyperthermia.

Although it might not seem hot outside, you can tell that your pet is too hot because they're panting and drinking a lot of water. Removing their outfit should fix the problem. No matter how cute the animal may look in clothes, it is still most important that their health and well-being are at the forefront.

Best Ideas for Dressing up Your Dog

Dogs are social creatures that love being around people. To stay connected during the months your pet is home alone, there are a variety of ways for you to dress them up. 

  • Keep your pet's health in mind when dressing them up with garments. 

  • Choose from novelty sweaters or costume clothing! Our dog collection will have what you need to make your dogs stylish all year long.

Wrapping Up

With Baffle, you can dress yourself, your pets, or anyone you care for in fun and vibrant designs. There's clothing for babies, toddlers, adults, and even pets! Whether you prefer traditional or trendy outfits, we have them all. 

We even offer graphic-designed clothes that can be used to make special announcements, such as the Only Child, Big Brother / Dog Shirt, and outfits to mark a special occasion, such as our My First Baseball Game Dog Shirt. Shop our collection to find the perfect dog outfits for your beloved pups!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dressing up Your Dog Unsafe?

The owner should not put a costume on a dog if it appears unhappy or leaves it on for a long time, as the dog may overheat or get tangled. A bandana may be a less intrusive option.

Is It Good to Clothe Your Dog?

Dressing your dog is a hot topic, with plenty of opinions on both sides. Some owners feel it's good for their dog to have some variety in their wardrobe, while others want their pup to be comfortable and not risk skin irritation. If you decide that dressing your pup up is right for you, remember not to go overboard. 

Do Dogs Like It When You Dress Them Up?

Everyone knows that dogs don't have a sense of style, but dressing them up can be lots of fun! But, of course, it also makes you feel pretty silly, too. But if you decide to go for it, you should know a few things about keeping your dog comfortable.

Dressing up your dog may not be a fun experience for the pet. Putting clothes on an animal implies it's not an animal but something else. Remember, a wolf is a big part of his heritage.

Why Shouldn't You Dress up Your Dog?

The Santa suits and princess dresses (and even those cute little tweed coats you think are keeping them warm) are believed to cause painful rubbing against a dog's skin, as well as causing them to overheat and become stressed.

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