What to Wear: Father's Day Edition

Celebrating Father's Day in Style

Father's day is a day set aside to celebrate all the fantastic dads out there. Many dads aren't big on over-the-top celebrations. Some might even forget all about father's day altogether. It falls to the rest of the family to ensure the day doesn't go unnoticed.

Whatever you plan to do, an excellent way to make the day special for dad is by incorporating unique father's day outfits into the celebration. That way, dad knows that the day really is about him. 

What to Wear on Father's Day

Coming up with good clothing ideas for kids could be challenging. So, if you're confused about dressing up your little ones for this special day, it might be a good idea to stick to a basic fashion rule - dress according to the occasion.

What to wear and how to dress up the kids for father's day depends on what you've planned for the day. In case you're still feeling unsure, we've put together some ideas that could inspire you and make the day even more memorable:

For a Photo Shoot

A great way to make father's day stand out is to plan a family photo shoot with a great photographer. A fun family photo shoot is a good way for dads who are very busy to spend time with the family on their special day. 

In the end, the family photos could be enlarged, framed, and hung up in your hallway as a permanent reminder of the occasion.

If you're doing this, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort for a perfect picture. You can show off your style with some stylish pieces such as a T-shirt with a funny print for everyday wear. Or, you could get branded father's day outfits for your kids. 

Your baby could wear the Happy Father's Day - basic onesie. If that particular one is not your favorite, know that we have a fantastic line of products featured on our website. You may like some of the many other onesies with funny prints we have in our offer. Dads will adore seeing their little ones dressed in them.

You could also try the Happy Father's Day crew neck if your kids are older. Its size goes up to Youth XL, so it can easily fit your teenagers.

For a Formal Event

If you've planned a formal event/dinner for father's day, then you should wear formal clothing for the event. This is a good opportunity to go all out in gorgeous dresses. Your sons and dad could also wear tuxedos on this occasion.

For an Indoor Gift Giving Ceremony

Another great and cost-effective way to celebrate father's day is to hold a gift-giving ceremony for dad at home. You can get each kid to buy dad a small, thoughtful present. They could also make handmade cards or simple cute drawings. But be warned, this activity may provoke lots of happy tears.

You can have the ceremony in your living room. For the day, you could arrange a unique sitting position for dad - a place of honor, if you will. Each child would come out to present their father's day gifts and also make a small speech about how fantastic their own dad is. They can all wear pieces of clothing specifically designed for this occasion, such as ones with prints with tender and thoughtful messages.

This type of event works well with larger families. The entire family could wear matching outfits to make it even more special. You could check out the Happy Father's Day - hat / youth / toddler crew neck. It has a wide size range, and you can find a size for everyone in the family. You could also put your baby in the Happy Fathers Day cursive onesie, so they're not left out in the celebration.

Other Father's Day Celebration Tips

The key to a great celebration is to try to make it memorable for the celebrant. Apart from dressing up in unique clothing, here are some other ideas to make the day stand out for dad:

  • Give dad lots of presents: Many dads often complain about not receiving presents from their family or significant others. Presents are an excellent way to show appreciation. On father's day, you could go all out to show dad how much he is appreciated.
    You can search online for father's day gift ideas. Depending on your budget, you could purchase his favorite perfume or cologne. You could also fill up a goody bag with smaller gift items he'll love. You can search online to find more articles that dad likes.

  • Eat only dad's favorite foods for that day: Filling the day's menu with foods that dad loves is a good way to show solidarity and understanding. But you don't have to eat all dad's favorite foods. You could pick those that others in the family can also enjoy or at least tolerate.

  • Organize a little get-together: You could host a small cocktail party for dad and his friends at home. It's a great way to get him to unwind.

  • Exempt dad from all chores for the day: Who doesn't love a chore-free day? This is a good way to get dad to relax and be taken care of. He gets a day off from everything strenuous, including cleaning up the house or doing laundry.

  • Give dad an at-home spa session: This could turn out to be a perfect gift and a fun activity for the whole family, especially if you have older kids. Get the kids to give dad a manicure/pedicure. You could show them how beforehand. They could also give dad a massage and facials. The goal with this is to have fun, and your job would be to capture every smile and giggle behind the camera.

  • Take dad out for a casual dinner. Some men prefer a relaxed, casual dinner to more formal settings. If you're dealing with such a person, you could organize a casual dinner at his favorite restaurant or fast food place. But remember to dress according to the occasion too. If you'd like some privacy at your chosen venue, you should get the manager's prior written permission.

  • Get tickets to see his favorite game: This would definitely be a hit with sports fan dads. Depending on your budget, you could get tickets for just dad or for the whole family to attend. Either way, the gesture would be well received.

Get Clothing Help From Baffle

The best Father's Day gifts can be hard to come by than anyone likes to admit. But finding it doesn't have to be complicated. You can either get him that one gift he truly desires or choose the one that will blow him away.

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