What to Wear on Fourth of July?

Fourth of July Attire

Fourth of July has always been a time to showcase your true sense of style and express your patriotism in an iconic way. Of course, you want to look your best on holiday, and you might need some inspiration to set off like the true firework you are!

Let Baffle Gear help you pick the perfect Fourth of July outfit.

The Best and Most Creative Fourth of July Outfits

After you've spent weeks perfecting your backyard barbecue menu, scheduled the perfect fireworks show, and prepped everything else to ensure your Independence Day celebration is picture-perfect, the last thing you want to do at the last minute is to scramble to find a cute outfit that embodies the spirit of America (and shows off your patriotism). 

While you may think wearing red, white, and blue automatically qualifies as patriotic clothing, sometimes it's not so clear-cut. When it comes to what to wear for July 4, you certainly want to maintain the laid-back vibe of summertime, but it's fine to look patriotic while doing so. Below are some of our recommendations you can add to your Fourth of July collection.

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Red, white, and blue dresses are a must-have for any day spent celebrating America's Independence. For kids, pair jeans with a red, white, or blue dress with puffy sleeves and sparkly shoes. Babies and toddlers always look great in our American Flag / Basic Onesie. For adults, stay true to American roots with a white outfit or a red gingham dress. 

Rock star? Go black jeans with a graphic T-shirt or rocker tee. Pair red shorts with a striped boatneck top and one accessory in a blue, silver, or white dress. Or opt for a simple light blue sundress with matching sandals. 

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas for the Whole Family

Fourth of July is a great holiday, but it can also be tough coming up with fun outfits for everyone in your family. So if you're at a loss this year, don't worry. We've found four different outfits that will work for you and everyone in your family!

  • Babies and toddlers: You can show patriotism by styling them in a Stayin' Fly On The Fourth Of July paired with shorts, a tutu, or their favorite jeans. Children who have outgrown such items might like an American Flag Map Toddler Crew Neck or shorts.

  • Mom, dad, kids, and furry friends: We haven't forgotten about our furry-four-legged friends, either. The Merica Mommy, Daddy, Dog Bundle is a fun favorite that is perfect for family photo shoots. Our Merica baby onesies are available for both boys and girls. 

  • Grandma and grandpa: consider wearing a long sleeve button-down with red pants or shorts (of course) and some stylish sneakers to top off your chic outfit.

With all these ideas in mind, it should be easy to put together an outfit perfect for every family member.

How to Choose the Right Accessories

You want your outfits for this special day to reflect the patriotic spirit of celebrating America's independence. Fitting attire includes red, white, or blue dress shirts, skirts, dresses, and shoes. To complete the look:

  • Pair any of these clothes with accessories in matching colors.

  • For a more formal style, go with a sequin embellished evening gown in shades of navy, emerald green, light purple, or rose gold.

  • For those looking for something less formal, go with a maxi skirt in a floral print fabric patterned after an American flag design.

Ensure you wear the proper undergarments for your July outfit so you don't sweat profusely all day. One way to avoid sweating while wearing clothing made from cotton is using aluminum-free deodorant; since aluminum can cause heat exhaustion, it's a summer staple!

4th of July Clothing Ideas for a Photo Shoot

There are many factors to consider when looking for a good 4th of July outfit. You want something you feel comfortable in, something patriotic, and something that will make you stand out! A few suggestions are below.

  • A white tee with red sparkles and star cutouts

  • A white tank top with stripes

  • Red pants with black stripes down the side

  • A plain red dress or blue jeans and an American flag t-shirt

  • A dress with stars all over it

  • Black slacks and a navy button-up shirt -Navy shorts with a red top

  • A floral summer long dress with your favorite color added in

And one more thing! You can not forget your patriotic headwear. Check out a bowler hat if you want something cute and matching with any outfit or swimsuit you wear. They come in so many colors and patterns and even have matching hair ties to match them! 

Bowler hats are perfect for women with shorter hair because they don't take as much time to put on as other hats. They also have bigger brims than most hats which is great because it protects from the sun better than most other styles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration

What Color Should I Wear on the 4th of July?

If you're wearing red, accessorize with white or yellow accessories. If blue is your favorite color, don't forget the white shoes! You can't go wrong with patriotic colors. Some colors that are always in style are red, white, and blue. 

What Can You Not Wear on the 4th of July?

When you're getting dressed, be sure not to wear anything that could be considered offensive, like wearing a Native American headdress, Mexican sombreros, or something that makes fun of or appropriates an ethnicity or culture. To err on the side of caution is always best. We wish you a fantastic July 4 and hope you have the best time with your loved ones.

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