Does the World Really Need Unisex Fashion?

does the world really need unisex fashion

Unisex Fashion is Taking the World by Storm

The concept of unisex clothing has been around for quite some time, but it's now more popular than ever due to its trendy look and effortless versatility. 

Today, there's hardly any need to shop specifically in the men's or women's sections of clothing stores. This may be a step forward in gender equality, but whether or not unisex fashion will catch on with most people remains to be seen. 

What Is Unisex Fashion?

Gender-neutral fashion is a new trend in the world of fashion. It was once restricted to certain gender identities or limited to special events. However, today we live in a society that embraces individuality and supports all people regardless of their gender identity. 

The unisex look can be seen on runways, at fashion shows, and in magazines. This style has been embraced by famous figures such as Kurt Cobain and David Bowie, who both wore skirts on many occasions. 

However, there are also specific collections for men and women looking for more individualized, gender-neutral garments. 

How Unisex Fashion trend Entered The Mainstream

unisex fashion trend in mainstream

Gendered fashion isn't a new idea, but it has recently made its way to the high street. Haute couture brands went first, of course. 

More recently, department stores and fast fashion chains have dabbled, understanding that many consumers don't want to be labeled by the label on their clothes or the department they're shopping in.

In 2015, Selfridges launched its initiative 'Agender,' combining the womenswear and menswear departments and putting forth unisex pieces from 40 brands. 

A year later, Zara launched 'Ungendered' a line of jeans, hoodies, and shirts. And in 2017, H&M released 'Denim United,' a collection of work-wear staples made for all. 

Following this decision, John Lewis has removed the gender labels from all of their kid's clothing, an effort that has attracted praise and criticism.

The Future of Unisex Fashion for Women

It has been nearly a century since women's and men's fashion have been the same. For many, unisex collections represents a way of removing gender-based cliches from our wardrobes. Unisex clothing can be considered an inclusive term for those who want to express their gender identity in an expansive way that doesn't fall within traditional gender binaries. 

What does this mean for women? First, women are no longer constrained to sultry skirts with high hemlines, low necklines, and tight dresses. 

Women are not restricted to full lengths, corsets, or flowing sleeves either. Today's woman is wearing everything: pantsuits, suits, athletic wear, and tuxedos (along with button-up shirts). Women now have access to more variety in colors, patterns, and styles than ever before. 

Does Unisex Clothing Need to Exist in Fashion? 

Yes, it does! Fashion has always been a way to express oneself and break societal norms. This has never been more true than in unisex fashion, which is finally taking the world by storm. 

It's no surprise that this clothing style has become popular as society becomes more progressive and gender-neutral styles are becoming increasingly more accepted. In response, Collection: Unisex saw an increase in sales from $7 million to $28 million between 2016 and 2017. 

However, because genderless brands are growing in popularity doesn't mean that all aspects of fashion need to be thrown out the window. There will always be room for traditionally feminine or masculine clothing, whether you're shopping at your local collection: unisex, or any other store!

Why Do People Love Genderless Fashion?

people love genderless fashion

A benefit of unisex fashion would be that it would not be specific to one gender, which allows for more opportunity to have a wider range of customers and not feel as pigeonholed or as if there's only one type of clothing for you based on your gender.

This would allow people to express themselves in new ways and simultaneously be comfortable with their bodies.

For example, males wearing skirts might seem odd, but imagine how much difference it could make when males wear skirts regularly - no one will find it strange anymore. 

It can even change cultural norms, such as societal expectations for what females should wear vs. what males should wear (e.g., that females should wear dresses or skirts while males can get away with wearing shorts).

Why Is Unisex Fashion Important?

Unisex clothes are highly suitable for almost everyone to wear. You will have more options for clothes by sharing clothes that are not specific to gender with those outside their specific gender. 

It also opens up more opportunities for designers as they no longer need to create separate collections for men's and women's clothes. 

Is Gender Neutral Clothing Popular?

For the last couple of years, more and more styles in clothing and home furnishings have been unisex and gender-less; however, the 2020 pandemic has accelerated the trend greatly.

With the rise of fashion blogging and social media, we are constantly exposed to new trends. For example, unisex clothing has been popular for some time now. Biggie Smalls, David Bowie, and Chris Farley have all worn white unisex t-shirts in their music videos. 

Check out some of our celebrity collection of unisex t-shirts:

When Did Unisex Clothing Become Popular?

The idea of unisex clothing has been around since the late 1800s. At this time, it was considered taboo to dress in clothes not designated for your gender. The first sign of unisex clothing popularity came with a soft-spoken trendsetter named Biggie Smalls, who sported a white Unisex T-Shirt in his music video. 

This led to David Bowie and Chris Farley sporting Unisex T-shirts in their respective music videos. As these celebrities wore them, more people started wearing them too. However, with the increase in social media outlets such as Instagram, people are more likely to be influenced by other people's fashion choices than ever before. Today, Jaden Smith and Harry Styles are considered to be flag bearers of genderless fashion for the younger generation.

There are many reasons why this trend is popular - primarily because it offers shoppers more choices. Women may find that their size in men's clothing differs from that in women's clothing, so they can't just buy anything from the other side of the aisle; something will always be missing for them and vice versa.

Can Men Wear Unisex Clothes?

Men, you might be wondering if unisex clothing makes you look feminine. The answer is: it depends. Some unisex clothing can make a man look like he's wearing a dress, but some of these clothes are designed to be masculine and can even help define your shape. 

Looking for Unisex Clothing? 

There are many types of fashion for men and women, but what about something we can all enjoy? Unisex fashion has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Not only does it look great on both sexes, but it also saves us from searching for a shirt that fits just right. 

With more and more people opting for unisex clothing, companies are catching on and creating collections that include this type of clothing.

The world may not need any more clothes than the ones we already have, but if you love adventure, you'll be ready to take your closet one step further! Check out some unique unisex collections for all body types that will give you and maybe your loved one a touch of class and perfection and increase your affection!

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